Dr. Saurabh Shah is an M.D homeopathic consultant with an expertise in Gynecological and pediatric cases.

He has a firm belief in spirituality and he says that the source of any disease is disturbance in the harmony of mind (state of “asur”) and in order to restore health, the foremost thing required is PEACE AT THE LEVEL OF MIND with help of medicines and spirituality combined (state of “sur”).

He believes that every individual should be treated in accordance with Nature’s law of cure which might take some time to completely cure but would cure the person permanently of that disease.

He also believes that each system of medicine has its own strength and limitations and none should be looked down upon.


Dr. Saurabh belongs to a family of Doctors from the varied field of medicine

  • Dr. Narendra Shah- M.B.B.S and Diabetes specialist- Father

Dr shah’s father is a very experienced and renowned diabetologist and general physician with an experience of more than 35 yrs in Bhayander city. He is an Alumni of Mumbai’s Grant Medical College also fondly called J.J Hospital.

  • Dr. Chirag Narendra Shah-B.A.M.S –Elder Brother of Dr. Shah

Dr. Chirag is also a very experienced consulting physician in Mira-bhayander locality for the last 8 years, he has his expertise in handling difficult and emergency cases, he also frequently attends to emergency visits of patients. He is an alumnus of Sumti Bai Shah Ayurvedic Medical College (Pune).

  • Dr. Poonam Shah-B.D.S – she is sister in law of Dr shah

She is also a very experienced and caring dental surgeon for more than 7 yrs. of experience. She has done her studies from D.Y Patil Dental College Kharghar Mumbai.