1) Paul McCartney

The great rock and roll legend himself, Paul McCartney is an avid user of natural remedies and traditional homeopathic medicines. A firm peace activist and vegan, Sir Paul is a big (daydream?) believer.

“I can’t manage without homeopathy. I never go anywhere without homeopathic remedies. I use them often.”

2) Usain Bolt

The world record-breaking Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is a fan. Reportedly using a homeopath since the age of sixteen. Visiting his Munich-based German sports doctor Hans-Wilheim Muller-Wohlfahrt:

“I’ve been coming here since I was 16. It’s been a long relationship. Every time I have a problem he always gives me good advice and treatments.”

3) Jennifer Aniston

Yes, the Queen of Clean is a big follower of homeopathy too. Known for her natural and organic lifestyle advocacy and gorgeous youthful looks. Aniston has mentioned many times how she loves traditional homeopathic medicines alongside the modern.

4)  Prince Charles

Prince Charles is more than a British monarch- he’s actually a serious environmental crusader. Part of this includes a local, healthy and organic lifestyle approach. Charlie boy also lobbied hard to make homeopathic treatment available on the NHS, the British national health care service. The royal family actually have a court homeopath in the palace! The Prince has this to say on the subject of homeopathy:

“… it is rooted in ancient traditions that intuitively understood the need to maintain balance and harmony with our minds, bodies, and the natural world.”

5) Hilary & Bill Clinton

The potential American president (and current vice-president)  and her husband (the ex-president) are huge supporters of homeopathic medicine.

After being diagnosed with serious heart disease in the 90s, Bill was put on a vegan and vegetarian diet. It was during this time that both Hillary and Bill became interested in alternative and natural health therapies.

In particular, they use Dr. Mark Hyman- a well-known alternative and natural therapy advocate.