Dr Saurabh had set his aim of becoming doctor since a very young age, idolizing his father Dr N.J Shah, he was very impressed with the whole idea of enjoying and feeling satisfied whenever patients used to get cured and feel better. His father would always strive to work day and night in serving people at times even not charging un-affording patients.

His father used to say that this happiness of being relieved from disease, on his patients face, used to give him peaceful sleep at night daily.

He also used to say that first be honest to yourself for what service you are giving, other part of healing would be done by the almighty.

Dr Shah did his under graduation from Chandaben Homeopathic Medical college (vile parle) Mumbai and post-graduation from Kakasaheb Mhaske Homeopathic Medical College (ahmednagar) in year 2014.

He immediately started his practice after completing his studies, first at a charitable clinic in andheri for almost 3 yrs. Along with his practice in mira-road.



Dr Gaurang gaikwad, he is like mentor cum guru cum best friend to dr shah, he is the one who guided dr shah into what is homeopathy and its beauty and always stood behind him in his homeopathy journey.

Another person who had been important in laying the foundation stone in dr shah homeopathic journey is

Dr. Gajanan dhanipkar- je instilled in him the confidence to treat abdy emergency case because of his ever enthusiastic and dynamic nature, he taught him to always be a learner in your life.

Special mentions of few more important persons

DR N.J.Shah

Dr Chirag Shah

Dr Neeraj Goel

Dr Nimish Mehta

Dr Sanjay Modi

These are just few, there have been manay many gurus in his life, his complete joint family, his mother (Tara shah) and his wife(Dikshita Shah) who always stands by him.