Dr. Shah has very good specialization in treating the disease of women and children’s. Along with this he also takes cases from various different fields of medicine as follows

Homeopathy is best for treating any chronic case* in medicine

  • Chronic case means – those symptoms which are experienced by the patient for a long time, maybe a few months or years, which haven’t yielded to any modern or another system of medicine.

Homeopathy has an answer for such dreaded, incurable or recurrent diseases.

Here at the divine homeopathic clinic, we are specialized in treating any form of the acute disease which a patient has experienced since just a few days or weeks, we give very satisfactory results in such cases wherein most of the cases it treats faster than any contemporary system of medicine or treatment.

Suitable treatment advice is only given after confidential consultations have taken place with a fully qualified experienced homeopathic consultant. Working with the very best suppliers for each treatment you can be sure the product matches the service given.

Acute disease like

Acute cold and cough, diarrhea, giddiness, food poisoning, Migrainous headache, acute asthma, acute pain etc. UPPER RESPIRATORY AND LOWER RESPIRATORY COMPLAINTS

We specialize in

Chronic Disease
| Anemia | Ankylosing | Spondylitis | Asthma | Cervical Spondylitis | Diabetes side effects and fluctuations | Gout | Joint pain | Muscular Dystrophy | Multiple Sclerosis | Osteoarthritis | Rheumatitis | Thyroid | Weakness |

Skin Disease
| Acne | Allergies | Alopecia areata | female Baldness | Eczema | Dermatitis |Psoriasis, Lichen planus

| Azoospermia | Endometriosis | Hormonal disease | Hydrocele | Male/Female Sexual Dysfunction | Menopause/Menstrual Problem |

Digestive Disorder
| Acidity | Colitis | Constipation | Gastric upset | Indigestion | Irritable Bowel Syndrome |

Psychological Somatic Diseases(EMOTIONAL LEVEL)
| Addiction | Anxiety | Depression | Confusion | Fatigue | Fear |

| Cold | Cough | Liver Problems | Sinusitis | Tonsillitis | Worms |Renal stone, gallstone

Best results in
Gallstone, Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD/S), Thyroid, Dysmenorrhoea, Peri Menstrual Disorders, Leucorrhoea